I currently work at University College London, and have worked previously at The University of Hull and De Montfort University.

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University College London

HIST2900: ‘The bedrock of society’? Marriage and Family in Twentieth-Century Britain: Sources and Approaches (Level 6 - 2018/19)

The purpose of this module is to introduce a wide range of sources that might be used to examine marriage and family life, sex, motherhood, fatherhood, domesticity and family leisure in twentieth-century Britain. These sources will open up questions about the lives of women and the meanings of gender in this period, and develop an awareness of the conceptual and historiographical issues involved in doing women’s history and gender history.

Module type: Second Year Research Seminar

Level: 6

Module code: HIST0089 (HIST2900)

Credits: 15

Assessment method: 1 X 5,000-word essay


De Montfort University

HIST3303: Orwell and the English (Level 6 - 2013/14)

HIST1014: Britain in Transition, 1760-1939 (Level 4 - 2013/14)